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Finding interesting links just got a little less ridiculous.  Reddiggulo.us consolidates stories from the most popular social bookmarking and discussion sites, ranks them, and displays them for you in a single list.  The sites we currently aggregate are digg.com, del.icio.us, reddit, Furl, and Slashdot.

You select how you want to view the stories.  Some options are by date (like a blog), by popularity, by category, and/or by specific words or phrases that appear in the story.

You can also share stories with others and dig deeper into the details behind each story by using…

  • Tools that allow you to share stories via email, instant messaging, and the various social bookmarking sites
  • Detailed ranking information and charts
  • Discussion links to the original submission
  • Links to the submitter of the story on each site (as available)
  • Tools to help you drill down into a story and its sources. These tools include…
  • Story backlinks from sites and blogs
  • Cached versions of stories
  • Related stories
  • Traffic and ownership information for the site hosting the original story

How to use reddiggulo.us

This site exists to help you find your most interesting stories while saving you the time and pain of visiting several different sites per hour/day.  Choose the title which best describes you….

For the surfing worker…

If you’re a news junkie who mixes a bit of work with your surfing then the Most Recent story list is probably right for you.

For the working surfer…

If you mix a bit of surfing with your work then use the Most Interesting story list.

For anyone else…

If you are sick of keeping up with the news or just want to see what was interesting in the past day/week/month/year, use the Most Voted For or Most Interesting story list.

Other tips

  • Don’t forget to look at the story detail for items that interest you.  It contains cached versions, an email tool, links for social bookmarking each story, submission sources and much, much more.
  • Once you find the story list that works for you set it as your homepage or bookmark it.
  • History is your friend. Use the month and year views to see what the Internet herd thinks over the long term.
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How Tall Is a Regulation Soccer Goal

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